Embodied Heart: Deepening Three-Centered Knowing with Allen Bourque

Aug 9-13, 2017

We are pleased to let you know about The Embodied Heart, a 4-day retreat we are hosting with Allen Bourque at Hallelujah Farm August 9-13, 2017.
The Taoist and Christian Wisdom traditions share a deep orientation to the development of the heart; physically, energetically, and as the seat of a vibrant, connective presence and perception.
Through practices from both traditions, we will explore these dimensions of the heart, working with what is universal as well as what is unique to each of us. Expect lots of playfulness and humor during our time together!
We would love to have you join us for what may be the first ever contemplative, practice-oriented, Christian Wisdom-Taoist retreat!
 ~ Kerstin, Laura & Allen

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore “three-­centered knowing”, a key aspect of the Wisdom path. As we embody awareness in the moving, feeling and intellectual centers, we cultivate and awaken the Heart, our abiding connection with Presence and Life.

Our focus will be on embodied prayer, a way of bringing contemplative practice more fully into the whole being, experiencing the physical and the sentient with conscious attention. As we explore qualities of the heart we will become familiar with easeful whole-body gestures from tai chi and other Taoist traditions. Included will be specific practices to enhance our strong, robust and expansive hearts, as a necessary complement to our tender, compassionate hearts. 
We will live within a rhythm of centering prayer, chanting, lectio divina (with text, image, nature and the elements) as well as conscious practical work. There will be free time each day and opportunities to engage in sacred conversation.
People of all spiritual traditions (or none) are welcome. Some experience with silent prayer or meditation may be helpful. No prior experience with yoga or tai chi is required.

Retreat Guides: Allen Bourque, Kerstin Lipke & Laura Ruth.

Allen Bourque is a long time Centering Prayer and tai chi practitioner who has been presenting workshops and retreats throughout New England for several years.

Information & Registration: Download attached flyer or contact Kerstin Lipke.