Besides creating learning opportunities through retreats and Wisdom Schools, Northeast Wisdom also seeks to develop an extensive network of Wisdom practice circles throughout the Northeast, where participants will have a regular opportunity to deepen the foundational practices which support a Wisdom way of knowing (Centering Prayer and other forms of meditation, lectio divina, sacred chanting, and mindful work) and to share in study, conversation, fellowship, and wherever available, interspiritual dialogue. Many of these circles have already been forming locally, and Northeast Wisdom seeks to encourage this growth and to help promote and support networking and local initiatives.

Please see below for news and contact information from around the local networks: both ongoing groups and special projects.

Circles around you

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
    This home-based monthly circle begins with an (optional) silent meal at 5:45 pm. Silent meditation, contemplative movement, sacred chant and lectio divina 6:30-8:00pm.
    Contact: Steven Bonsey
  • Chesterfield, New Hampshire
    Hallelujah Farm
    An invitation to come together for a week or a weekend of contemplative practice in the Wisdom tradition in a retreat setting; following a rhythm of silence, meditative prayer, conscious work, chanting, Lectio Divina, contemplative movement and sacred conversation.
    August 9-13, 2017. Embodied Heart: Deepening Three-Centered Knowing with Allen Bourque. For more information, download the attached flyer. Contact: Kerstin Lipke.
    November 2-5, 2017. Meeting the World with Trust: Transforming Fear into Faith with Mark Kutolowski. More information, see attached flyer. Contact: Kerstin Lipke.
  • Fayetteville, New York
    The Nancy Simmons Wisdom House, 113 Chapel Street
    Contemplative Eucharist, Wednesday @ noon
    Vital Conversations, first Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
    Wisdom of the Body, second Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
    Gospel of Thomas, third Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
    Open Labyrinth Walk, fourth Wednesday of the month @ 7pm
    Centering Prayer Instruction & Sacred Chant, on occasion
    For more information see Practice Circle in Fayetteville
    Contact: Bill Redfield
  •  Woodstock, New York
    St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church
    A weekly potluck meal, Gospel of Thomas study circle, and Contemplative Eucharist. Held on Thursdays: meal and study begin @ 5:30pm; Contemplative Eucharist @ 7pm
    Contact: Matthew Wright
  • Richmond, Virgina
    An informal gathering to explore teachings between Wisdom Schools.
    For more details contact: Nancy Delach or Eleanor Winsor