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Two Offerings: Northeast Wisdom and the New Year

Photo Dharma from Sadao, Thailand

As the year 2018 came to a close, the board of Northeast Wisdom met several times to discern into the coming year. We noticed a number of things. The creative initiative and growth in the individual and local group lives of the greater Wisdom community is clear. In 2018 we had seen the first publication of Cynthia’s current and immediate talks and writings. The further embodiment of the practices community-wide is telling, as is the growing participation of younger generations. We noted a stronger Northeast Wisdom website, welcoming community participation, and new forms of gathering platforms and materials, coming to the fore as groups study and practice together in their communities and in cyberspace. More Wisdom Schools and retreats are being offered around the country by emerging postholders; and explorations where related Wisdom traditions meet are taking place. A conversation is beginning that is discussing the lineage more directly, without unbending fixation, in small groups and larger retreats. These are but a few of the impulses that were bearing new fruit in 2018 and promise to deepen and grow into 2019. Our work is to support these creative endeavors, and help manifest this Wisdom lineage in the world.

With the passing of Fr Thomas Keating, Cynthia addressed more than a hundred gathered in practice and retreat at the Garrison Institute, saying, like it or not, we have all been bumped up a notch. And so it seems world over, an intensification of the depth and breadth of human experience as the polarities in the outer world appear magnified. Simultaneously, an inner call has been sounded, a quickening, to gather with what radiates from within and through and calls all things into dynamic relationship.

This inner call has born, and continues to bear fruit within each of us in our own particular way, as we become more and more the persons that we are. Walking into the world, as Mary Magdalene reminds us, cognizant of all that has been given, to become fully human; aware of the web that connects us and the sense of an organism forming to bear the emerging consciousness: these are places that we can stand individually and together, and bear witness. In 2019, the Northeast Wisdom Council wants to be conscious of and available to the greater Wisdom community, not only in the northeast, but across the country and around the world. As each of the board members deepens their work with Wisdom in the world, we are reaching out to a wisdom community that is doing the same, developing a place where mutual exchange in the community can root and ground, flower and fruit.

As our plans for 2019 continue to unfold, we welcome your input and invite your suggestions for how to support emerging Wisdom work in your community, and encourage you to share your experiences on the Northeast Wisdom website. Just email Laura Ruth to participate in that way.

Two offerings in new forms are available now from Northeast Wisdom. We have a zoom account now, and will offer the first Northeast Wisdom study group in February. Following the inspiration to continue to take up the work of those who have contributed to the lineage, we will look together at Bruno Barnhart’s The Future of Wisdom. On fire to work with embodied ways of moving more deeply into the material, Bill Redfield has responded to Cynthia’s postings on the Imaginal with a guided meditation that is now available through a link to his website. You will find the information for each of these opportunities below.

Northeast Wisdom feels invited to be part and parcel of the dynamic, reciprocal exchange and is actively listening for how Spirit is moving among and within us, and what is being called for in these times. Please join us with your heart’s call and let us know what is awakening in you, and what is alive for you in the Wisdom community.

A Practice of Guided Mediation:

Authenticity, Alignment, and Assistance: Receiving from the Imaginal
Introduced by BILL REDFIELD

BurstIn the last couple of months, Cynthia Bourgeault has written three separate blog entries here on the Northeast Wisdom website that introduce our readers to the Imaginal Realm. She refers to it as, “the realm separating the denser corporeality of our earth plane from the progressively finer causalities which lie ‘above’ us in the noetic and logoic realms.” There is a lot here to take in and to understand. All three posts are well worth reading and re-reading.

I like to consider all of this in this way: The Imaginal is the realm that lies between the visible realms of this material life and the indivisible realms beyond. But rather than functioning to separate, the Imaginal serves to join the realms together by penetrating this earthly life and connecting us to the realms beyond. Indeed, Cynthia suggests that connection with the Imaginal manifests itself as an elusive aliveness, guiding our authentic unfolding. I would like to contribute to this inquiry an experiential taste of this deeper dimension. I offer this possibility in a new practice on my website. It takes the form of a guided meditation and is available for free. It can be found here: To receive the full effect, please listen through right to its conclusion. It takes a little over 20 minutes. Enjoy!

The Future of Wisdom
: Remembering Bruno Barnhart
A Northeast Wisdom Study Group

Join us as Matthew Wright, Laura Ruth and Marcella Kraybill-Greggo host Northeast Wisdom’s first electronic platform experiment: a zoom study group to support the launch of the Year of Bruno Barnhart. The Future of Wisdom is not Bruno Barnhart’s easiest work to enter into; all the more perfect for a group exploration, and rich with themes that speak most directly to this Wisdom lineage and to what is emerging in these times. Let us come together to witness what emerges in the group out of the depths of his extraordinary vision.

We will host two free monthly groups, a morning series and an evening series, for five months. Each meeting will focus on one of the five chapters in The Future of Wisdom.

Second Friday of each month 6:00 – 7:30pm EST
February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10 and June 14, 2019

Fourth Wednesday 10:00 – 11:30 am EST
February 27, March 27, April 24, May 22 and June 26, 2019

Please r.s.v.p to Laura Ruth, at We encourage you to sign up and participate in the full series, either the morning or the evening sessions. In order to access zoom, download the free zoom app on your computer.

The books are on their way! For those of you who have already donated $150 or more to Northeast Wisdom during our 2018 Annual Fund Appeal, the books have been shipped from the publisher and will be distributed as soon as they arrive.

Any questions? Feel free to contact Laura at the email address above.

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