Northeast Wisdom is governed by a six-member board, (left-to-right) presently consisting of Bill Redfield, Newmarket, NH; Marcella Kraybill-Grego, Bethlehem, PA; Cynthia Bourgeault, Eagle Island, ME; Laura Ruth, North Middlesex, VT; Matthew Wright, Woodstock, NY; Mary Ellen Jernigan, Hanover, MD; and Guthrie Sayen, Bloomfield, CT. All board members are active participants in the Wisdom work.


Below, (left-to-right): Bill Redfield, Marcella Kraybill-Grego, Cynthia Bourgeault, Patricia Speak, Matthew Wright,  and Guthrie Sayen.

BoardAnd below, (left-to-right): Guthrie Sayen, Matthew Wright, Bill Redfield, Marcella Kraybill-Grego, Laura Ruth and Mary Ellen Jernigan.NEW Board