A Tribute to Helen Daly


Helen Daly was present when Cynthia Bourgeault organized her first Wisdom School in the Northeast nearly ten years ago. Helen was one of the eager Wisdom students who, through determined effort and personal perseverance, began to take new shape and form in Cynthia’s ongoing Advanced Wisdom Group. Little did we know at the time that this fiery unfolding was bringing her full term.

Helen Daly brought this Wisdom perspective as well as her gift of voice and music to her parish of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Brattleboro, Vermont. Nearly singlehandedly, she influenced the course of her church in a deeper contemplative direction. But then Helen also took her talents on the road and gave workshops and retreats as far as Fayetteville, NY, where she is fondly remembered to this day. In all this work, as well as in her work as a professional psychologist, Helen was present, fully present; and she was lit up with aliveness from the inside.

But that presence took an even deeper turn as Helen confronted her death in October of 2012. In her dying she became a luminous container through which lovingly flowed her surrendered life. Through her death Helen graced us with her deepened presence as well as her dreams. Through the generosity of her bequest, these dreams are currently unfolding into form through Northeast Wisdom.

Helen loved the expression, “Wisdom Christianity,” and she looked forward to the day when, as an authentic and seasoned Wisdom teacher, she could be an even more active force in the proliferation of Wisdom Christianity in the world. That day is now, and Helen—more present than ever—is a sustaining force behind this work. Indeed, her ongoing presence, influence, and generosity are currently shaping and multiplying the work of those of us affiliated with Northeast Wisdom. Her bequest as well as the generosity of her husband John have made possible both this organization and Hallelujah Farm in Chesterfield, NH, a central site for this Wisdom work in the Northeast.

We invite you to watch this video of Cynthia with Helen from 2012.

The artwork on our home page was painted by Nat Connacher and commissioned and purchased by Gail and Alec Wiggin. Entitled, “A New Arising,” it hangs at Hallelujah Farm and expresses the promise of this Wisdom work. We invite you to join us.