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Northeast Wisdom is Coming of Age
Our Fifth Annual Fundraising Campaign

A letter from Cynthia Bourgeault…


Dear Wisdom Friends,

As many of you know, one of my longstanding priorities has been to encourage a creative and empowered next generation of Wisdom teachers. A lineage only survives into the future to the extent that the wingspan of its next generation of lineage bearers exceed the wingspan of their founder. I have seen all too many bright young spiritual organizations die on the vine in the second generation when, out of fear or misplaced respect, they allow themselves to become a mausoleum for the founding teacher. I was determined that this should not happen with Northeast Wisdom.

As this wonderful experiment in Wisdom organizational culture now rounds its five year milestone, I am overjoyed to report that I have rarely seen such a burst of creativity and collaborative spirit, now coming of age. In declaring themselves no longer a Board but a Wisdom Council, my seven students-become-colleagues announce formally what has already been increasingly true in spirit: that this wee organization collaboratively birthed in 2014 has indeed become a new wineskin to bear the good new wine of Wisdom to a parched and bewildered world.

I will not detail here all the remarkably imaginative and groundbreaking initiatives launched and/or supported by our Council this year. But I have highlighted just a few in my letter on the Northeast Wisdom Home Page, posted November 20, 2019, entitled “Rounding Five Years: Northeast Wisdom is Coming of Age.” Meanwhile, with the daily operations clearly in safe hands, I have been freed to turn my attention to the experimental projects and writing closest to my own heart. I detail some of those projects in the Home Page post as well, so please take a look as you consider what Northeast Wisdom means to you.

What a privilege and a gift to be traversing this sacred ground! I am so grateful to our Wisdom Council, to the emerging network of younger Wisdom leaders coast-to-coast who are stepping up to the plate with respect and panache, and to each of you who are reading this post and feel moved to make a financial contribution. Together, we are creating this new wineskin. It is sorely needed. Let’s keep it going!

With blessing and gratitude,


…and from Bill Redfield, Wisdom Council President


Dear Wisdom Friends,

It is my great pleasure and honor to invite you to financially support the work of Northeast Wisdom. Supporting and proliferating Wisdom work in the world, Northeast Wisdom is eagerly working to encourage and support developing Wisdom communities around the globe. Through initiatives that highlight emerging leaders, that connect Wisdom seekers with Practice Circles and programs, and that is beginning to publish and distribute written Wisdom material—Northeast Wisdom is an important engine that manifests Wisdom in the world.

While Cynthia continues to contribute her guiding hand, Northeast Wisdom is looking toward an expanded presence now that will amplify her work in emerging teachers and new programs. We are looking forward to an enduring footprint of Wisdom that will contribute to the world’s transformation. Indeed, it is hard to think of a time and place that needs Wisdom more than our world right now.

Your financial gift is one vitally important contribution in supporting Wisdom when we need it most. But we are all also called to integrate Wisdom into the fabric of our lives. Please join with us on the Wisdom Council (formerly the Board) of Northeast Wisdom, as we work to more generously give ourselves and our resources to our work together.


Bill Redfield

Northeast Wisdom Council Members

Northeast Wisdom is committed to supporting the Wisdom Community across the country and around the world, and its fount of ‘new arisings’ in the Wisdom lineage of Cynthia Bourgeault. With your generosity and support, Northeast Wisdom hopes to “bear the good new wine of Wisdom to a parched and bewildered world.”

In appreciation for your gift of $250 or more, we would like to send you a copy of the new reprint of The Mystery of Death, with a never before published Introduction and Commentary by Cynthia Bourgeault, which will be sent to you in late March of 2020.

Join us, with your contribution, in the amount that is sustainable to you. Every gift is received as a gift from the heart, growing the community and furthering the work of Wisdom in the world.

 Thank you!

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