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Jul 20-23, 2017

Mary Magdalene & Conscious Love with Bill Redfield, Lois Barton, Deborah Welsh

The Spiritual Center — Windsor, NY

Using silence, chanting, and ritual to compliment the teaching, we will explore the presence of Mary Magdalene in the Paschal Mystery and track the possible trajectory of conscious love in our lives.

Thursday, July 20: 5 pm – Sunday, July 23: 1 pm
Meals included: dinner Thursday through lunch Sunday
Cost: $475. (Room and Meals)
To register please email Cathy Dutch at wisdomswork@gmail.com
Please email Bill Redfield at dutchred@gmail.com if scholarship is needed.

Jul 23-28, 2017

Wisdom Way of Knowing: A 5-day Retreat with Marcella Kraybill-Greggo

Moravian Theological Seminary — Bethlehem, PA

Join us for a Wisdom Way of Knowing five-day full-length Wisdom School, hosted on the beautiful campus of Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

7:30–8:00am  Meditation/Chant
8:00–9:00am  “Come and Go” Breakfast (Silent)
9:00–11:00am  Morning Teaching
11:00–11:50pm  Conscious Work
12:00–1:00pm  Lunch
1:00–2:15pm  Private Reflection  (optional spiritual direction available)
2:15–3:30pm  Sacred Movement
3:30–4:00pm  Meditation/Chant
4:15–5:15pm  Gospel of Thomas Group Lectio
5:30–6:30pm  Supper
7:00–8:00pm  “Debriefing the day”
8:00–8:30pm  Gentle movement
9:00–Overnight  Private reflection/Rest in the Great Silence

In addition to the teachings offered by the Seminary’s Wisdom team, the retreat will include select videos of Cynthia Bourgeault that were filmed at an Introductory Wisdom School. Through the power of technology and Moravian Seminary’s large screen, participants will receive Cynthia’s luminous teaching and transmission. For more information, retreat details and to apply for the Wisdom School, please go to the Moravian Seminary site.

The leader, Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, is on the board of Northeast Wisdom. Cynthia has this to say about Marcella, “Marcella has worked with me extensively over the past five years (including leadership training) and is a dynamic and profound presence in our Wisdom network, already forging some amazing teaching pathways at Moravian.” For additional background and reading about Marcella, check out: Seedlings.

Aug 4-6, 2017

Retreat on Humility with Cynthia Bourgeault

Glastonbury Benedictine Abbey — Hingham, MA

Cynthia Bourgeault will direct this weekend retreat at Glastonbury Abbey on Chapter 7 of the Rule of St. Benedict: Humility. She will look at this chapter from the standpoint of humility as non-identification. Cynthia Bourgeault has studied and taught in a number of Benedictine monasteries in the United States and Canada. An Episcopal priest, she is well known as a retreat and conference leader, teacher of prayer and writer on the spiritual life. There are 23 single rooms available for this retreat, and the suggested offering for the weekend is $300.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation.

This retreat is sure to sell out.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Joan at 781-749-2155, x300, or retreats@glastonburyabbey.org to make your reservation.

Aug 9-13, 2017

Embodied Heart: Deepening Three-Centered Knowing with Allen Bourque

Hallelujah Farm — Chesterfield, NH

We are pleased to let you know about The Embodied Heart, a 4-day retreat we are hosting with Allen Bourque at Hallelujah Farm August 9-13, 2017.
The Taoist and Christian Wisdom traditions share a deep orientation to the development of the heart; physically, energetically, and as the seat of a vibrant, connective presence and perception.
Through practices from both traditions, we will explore these dimensions of the heart, working with what is universal as well as what is unique to each of us. Expect lots of playfulness and humor during our time together!
We would love to have you join us for what may be the first ever contemplative, practice-oriented, Christian Wisdom-Taoist retreat!
 ~ Kerstin, Laura & Allen

This retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore “three-­centered knowing”, a key aspect of the Wisdom path. As we embody awareness in the moving, feeling and intellectual centers, we cultivate and awaken the Heart, our abiding connection with Presence and Life.

Our focus will be on embodied prayer, a way of bringing contemplative practice more fully into the whole being, experiencing the physical and the sentient with conscious attention. As we explore qualities of the heart we will become familiar with easeful whole-body gestures from tai chi and other Taoist traditions. Included will be specific practices to enhance our strong, robust and expansive hearts, as a necessary complement to our tender, compassionate hearts. 
We will live within a rhythm of centering prayer, chanting, lectio divina (with text, image, nature and the elements) as well as conscious practical work. There will be free time each day and opportunities to engage in sacred conversation.
People of all spiritual traditions (or none) are welcome. Some experience with silent prayer or meditation may be helpful. No prior experience with yoga or tai chi is required.

Retreat Guides: Allen Bourque, Kerstin Lipke & Laura Ruth.

Allen Bourque is a long time Centering Prayer and tai chi practitioner who has been presenting workshops and retreats throughout New England for several years.

Information & Registration: Download attached flyer or contact Kerstin Lipke.

Sep 10-15, 2017

The Survivor’s Guide to the Galaxy: Teilhardian Wisdom for Troubled Times with Cynthia Bourgeault

La Casa de Maria — Santa Barbara, CA

In Wisdom school format Cynthia Bourgeault will continue her groundbreaking exploration of the 20th century scientist and mystic Teilhard de Chardin with a particular eye to the insights and tools that lie awaiting us there for a more skillful and hopeful passage through the social upheavals of our present era. How do we live from the deepest wellsprings of hope, in tune with the evolutionary imperative emerging from the 14-billion-year-old universe story itself? What needs to change in our traditional understanding of the spiritual journey in order to do so? Each retreat day will include contemplation, prayer, and teachings. In addition, everyone will be expected to participate in mindful work each day, which may include tasks such as weeding, sweeping, and cleaning. This part of the program is not optional and is a key component of the retreat experience.
Attendees are expected to have an established meditation practice.

For more information and to make a reservation, click here.

Oct 5-9, 2017

Visionary Seeing Wisdom School with Bill Redfield, Lois Barton, Deborah Welsh

The Spiritual Center — Windsor, NY

Besides a science of transformation, Wisdom includes a cosmological map that explains how the universe is put together and, within this configuration, what constitutes a meaningful human life. While “Heart-Centered Living” focuses on the methodology of transformation, “Visionary Seeing” provides the context of that change—from what to what and why? The divine exchange and reciprocal feeding are presented and attention and surrender practices are deepened. The Gospel of Thomas continues to be explored, especially those logia that apply to these areas. In a longer format, our time together unfolds in the same basic balance and rhythm as in the Heart Centered Living Wisdom School.

Thursday, October 5, 2017: 5 pm – Monday, October 9, 2017: 1 pm
Meals included: dinner Thursday through lunch Monday
Cost: $525 (Room and Meals)
To register please email Cathy Dutch.
Please email Bill Redfield if scholarship is needed.

Nov 2-5, 2017

Meeting the World with Trust: Transforming Fear into Faith with Mark Kutolowski

Hallelujah Farm — Chesterfield, NH

In this intensive 3-day retreat, we will complement our Wisdom practices of centering prayer, lectio divina, chant and conscious practical work with practices that bring interior freedom into dialogue with the body, supporting physical relaxation and a transformed nervous system. Our sessions will emphasize practical disciplines emerging from the ancient Russian health system, itself closely linked to the Eastern Orthodox contemplative tradition of hesychasm. We will explore the relationship between physical and psychic tension and fear, and physiological relaxation and faith. Beginning with solitary practices involving meditation, breathing and movement, we will eventually move into partner and group work utilizing relaxation to creatively engage with conflict both within ourselves and in our immediate environment. Participants will finish this intensive with an expanded sense of the role and potential of body practice in contemplative transformation, and practical methods to improve their physical health and body awareness.

People of all spiritual traditions (or none) are welcome. The only prerequisite is some experience with silent prayer or meditation. For information, see attached flyer.

Mark Kutolowski is an Oblate of Saint Benedict, a Centering Prayer teacher (through Contemplative Outreach) and practitioner with twenty years of daily practice, and an instructor of the Russian martial art Systema. Mark and his wife Lisa live and facilitate programs at Metanoia of Vermont Homestead and School of Christian Transformation. Mark will be joined by guides Kerstin Lipke and Laura Ruth.

For more information and to register contact: Kerstin Lipke.