Chanting as a Communal Spiritual Practice with Paulette Meier

Jul 17-19, 2020

A weekend workshop with Paulette Meier: Friday evening through Sunday lunch.

“Chanting is at the heart of all sacred traditions worldwide…. it is fundamentally a deep-immersion experience in the creative power of the universe itself. Because to make music, you must engage those three core elements out of which the earth was fashioned and through which all spiritual transformation happens: Breath – Vibration – Intentionality.”
~ Cynthia Bourgeault, from The Wisdom Jesus (p. 161-162)

From time immemorial, people have sung and chanted together to lift spirits, to heal suffering, to open hearts, to unify souls, and to come closer to God. Sufi wisdom says that chant is the bridge between sound and silence. Since producing her CD, “Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong,” Quaker Paulette Meier has discovered the power of chant as a spiritual practice through “Wisdom Schools” led by Cynthia Bourgeault. She is now led to encourage Friends and others to experience this contemplative tradition. We will primarily draw on the chants of Quaker wisdom Paulette has more recently composed and recorded for group chanting, embodying these and other spiritually supportive words in our deep memories. Facing each other without need of written music, our chanting opens our chakras, building energy to strengthen and heal us. All of us are singers in this tradition! Experienced singers may enrich the experience, but this is an opportunity for hesitant or shy singers to join your voice in the safety of group chant. An opportunity for composing new chants from beloved texts will also be provided. Together we will create musical vibrations to nourish and connect our spirits – with each other and with the divine within us.

“Chant is singing our prayers. Chant is vocal meditation. Chant is the breath made audible in tone. Chant is discovering Spirit in sound.”
~ Robert Gass

Paulette MeierPaulette Meier is a singer/songwriter, whose work as a peace educator led to her award-winning CD, “Come Join the Circle: LessonSongs for Peacemaking,” used in classrooms and families around the country to inspire and help children learn the ways of non-violence. While a Quaker artist-in-residence at Pendle Hill, Paulette was inspired to set some early Quaker texts to song and record them in chant-like, a cappella style. The resulting CD, “Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong,” opens a window on Quaker spirituality and offers a meditative focus in spiritual practice.

Her second album of Quaker chants is due out in 2020. These chants were recorded after the 2019 Pendle Hill retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault and Marcelle Martin with wisdom community musicians Nick Weiland and Andrew Breitenberg and the support of Northeast Wisdom.

For more information about Paulette and the chants visit visit her website here.

Begins Friday evening July 17, and ends Sunday July 19, 2020 after lunch.

$495/private room; $430/shared room; $300/commuter. Fee includes program, meals, and room.

Financial aid may be available. If you are seeking funds to participate in this program, click to review and complete our Financial Assistance Application and a Pendle Hill staff member will follow-up with you shortly (please do NOT register online). Thank you for your interest.

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