Wisdom Group Leadership Training with Bill Redfield, Lois Barton, Deborah Welsh

Nov 29 - Dec 3, 2017

This residential experiential learning event will present both the contextual underpinning of the Wisdom practice movement as well as a thorough presentation and practice of specific leadership skills for leading Wisdom practice groups. While we will begin with a suggestion of what human Wisdom development might be in this current age and how the Wisdom movement directly addresses this present human challenge, this training will then move directly into the practical demands and realities of Wisdom group leadership. Not only will we catalogue some of the current expressions of Wisdom groups (e.g., chanting groups, Gospel Thomas groups, book study groups, and, of course, Wisdom Schools), but we will also present, demonstrate, and practice some of the specific group leadership skills that will be demanded in each of these groups. Besides setting forth a unique perspective of the Wisdom “post-holder” as group leader and delving into some of energetic realities subtly present in this work, this training will also suggest a marriage between Wisdom spirituality and more traditional group dynamics theory.

Because there is sequential unfolding to this training and to the acquisition of deeper understandings and skills, participants will be expected to attend the whole workshop. A follow-up component in which participants can receive support and supervision will also be made available.

This residential workshop is an event promoted and sponsored by Northeast Wisdom. It will take place at Hallelujah Farm, Chesterfield, NH, beginning with dinner on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, and concluding with lunch on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The cost for this training is $550 and includes room and board. A limited number of scholarships are available through Northeast Wisdom.

This training will be led by Bill Redfield, Lois Barton, and Deborah Welsh.

The Rev. William C. Redfield is an ordained Episcopal priest and a licensed clinical social worker. Although he was ordained in 1976, he spent the first half of his professional career as a group, family, and individual therapist in Maine. Later Bill served Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville for nearly twenty years. During this time he brought his passion for new forms of “Wisdom” spirituality and established “Wisdom House” as an outreach spiritual ministry in the greater community. Having retired from parish work nearly three years ago, Bill is now engaged in full time Wisdom work mainly in the Northeast.

Sister Lois Barton, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, holds basic and advanced certificates from the Spiritual Direction Mentoring Program of the Spiritual Renewal Center in Syracuse, NY, and a Master’s Certificate in Pastoral Ministry from the Loyola Institute for Ministry Extension Program of Loyola University, New Orleans. Sister Lois is an experienced teacher, spiritual director, and group leader. Along with Bill, Lois has a long-established practice of Centering Prayer and also has been an active student of Cynthia Bourgeault for the past eleven years. She is the program director of The Sophia Center in Binghamton, NY.

Deborah Welsh is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is also Board Certified in Dance/Movement and has many years of experience in Body/Breath sensing and awareness. She has been teaching dance and movement for over forty years, practicing psychotherapy for over twenty, and experienced in leading a wide variety of practice groups. Deborah brings a dynamic expertise of Wisdom of the Body to the Lois’ and Bill’s Wisdom work.

Please email Cathy Dutch to request a registration. A deposit will be requested to secure your reservation.