Finding Your Wisdom Voice: A Virtual Program with Bill Redfield

Sep 25 - Nov 20, 2020

All of us have lived through those occasions on which someone has asked us about our pursuit of, and interest in, Wisdom. Instead of giving a comprehensive and articulate explanation of Wisdom and our involvement in it, we struggled with how to convey our experience. Why, we have wondered, is this so hard to explain…?

Wisdom is like nothing else we have ever studied or encountered. From our first exposure, we all intuited its life-changing possibilities. And rather than a learning of some completely new field or discipline, our exposure to Wisdom’s teachings has mostly been a recognition of something we had already deeply known, but which we couldn’t ourselves bring forth or quite articulate.

There is no Wisdom curriculum that can learned and then parroted. Wisdom’s way of knowing must necessarily be experientially taken into the whole of our being and lived as our own. But in this process, it is the articulation of this truth and the sharing of this experience that actually feeds and furthers the integration itself.

We must remember that in order for Wisdom to have its full weight and heft, it must be worked through the integrity and authenticity of our complete personhood. In this sense, then, it must be fully ingested and metabolized, in order to be beneficially shared. Regardless of this challenge, I do think it is important that this dynamic and other related processes be shared within our Wisdom community. And that is precisely why I am offering this program.

Ultimately—and I have said this before—the purpose of having a teacher is not for us to stay forever a student ourselves. The purpose of having a teacher is for us to find and encourage our own inner teacher. That doesn’t mean that we will cease being students or, perish the thought, stop learning; but it does mean that there is a time for listening and learning, and there is a time for us to step forward, to find our Wisdom voice, and to express this truth through the words and actions of our lives. That is what this virtual program seeks to assist us to do.

Using the teaching points of “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran as a launching point, we will cover these topics from a Wisdom perspective. Written in 1923 and since translated into more than one hundred different languages, “The Prophet” is a book that many of us grew up with. Our work, then, will begin with a listening to this story and some brief commentary. Then, along with a foundation of different spiritual practices suggested along the way, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on these teachings and to respond in writing. I will be gathering and organizing the responses and sharing some with the group. In this way, we will be forming and expressing our own Wisdom voice.

All twenty recordings be available on a password protected page on my website for your continued access. The recordings will include a full reading of “The Prophet,” some inserted Wisdom commentary, and reflection questions. The program will begin on Monday, September 21, and two (30 minute) recordings will be posted each week.

Zoom Groups. Starting on Friday, September 25, there will be two scheduled Zoom gatherings each week through November 20. These one hour meetings will be held each Friday at 9 am and 3 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. They will give participants the opportunity to share reflections and conversation together. Completely optional, these will be opportunities to process and integrate the material as well as to connect with other Wisdom practicioners.

Fee. This program is by donation. If you would like, I encourage you to donate at the end of the program. Rather than regarding this as a “fee” or “price” for the program “up front,” I would much prefer your donation be part of your response to the entirety of the program and come at its conclusion. This program is my gift to you; your donation could represent your gift back to me. There is a PayPal button (“Support through donation”) on my website. If you would prefer to send a check, my address is: 234 Cushing Road, Newmarket, NH 03857.

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