Introductory Wisdom School with Matthew Wright

Mar 11-14, 2018

Please join us as we explore Christianity as a living path of inner transformation and awakening. Our time together will be rooted in a Wisdom School model, a methodology drawn largely from the rhythms of Benedictine monasticism. Together we will learn early Christian methods of heart-centered contemplative practice; engage the Wisdom teachings of Jesus, giving special attention to insights from the recently recovered Gospel of Thomas; and explore an evolutionary Christian roadmap emerging from thinkers such as Teilhard de Chardin. We will start at 4 on Sunday and end after lunch on Wednesday.

The Rev. Matthew Wright is an Episcopal priest, writer, and retreat leader working to renew the Christian Wisdom tradition within a wider interspiritual framework. He serves as priest-in-charge at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, NY and is a teacher for Northeast Wisdom, a non-profit rooted in the teaching lineage of Cynthia Bourgeault. Matthew lives with his wife, Yanick, alongside the brothers of Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, NY.

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