Julian of Norwich: Visionary of Love (4 sessions) with Lynne Larson

Jan 18 - Feb 8, 2018

In May 1373, when she was 30 and a half years old and near death from a grave malady, the woman known as Julian experienced sixteen visions, or “showings,” of Christ’s passion and the nature of divine love. Her writings at the time and her reflections over the next two decades describe God’s love and delight in us and his wish for our delight and love in him. Julian had unyielding hope and trust in the divine promise that all shall be well. She is described by Thomas Merton as “without a doubt the greatest English mystic.”  

Lynne Larson, M.A., is trained in spiritual direction and is certified in MBTI and integrated guided imagery. Since 2004, she has brought seekers together for retreats, including workshops on dreams, Julian of Norwich, Celtic Spirituality, mindfulness meditation, and stress reduction. Lynne finds in the wisdom of the mystics a modern approach to heal the human condition through the constant awareness that God loves us without blame and is present in all. She lives in Virginia Beach.

$25 registration fee. Program link https://www.centerforspiritualdeepening.org/program