Meeting the World with Trust: Transforming Fear into Faith with Mark Kutolowski

Nov 2-5, 2017

In this intensive 3-day retreat, we will complement our Wisdom practices of centering prayer, lectio divina, chant and conscious practical work with practices that bring interior freedom into dialogue with the body, supporting physical relaxation and a transformed nervous system. Our sessions will emphasize practical disciplines emerging from the ancient Russian health system, itself closely linked to the Eastern Orthodox contemplative tradition of hesychasm. We will explore the relationship between physical and psychic tension and fear, and physiological relaxation and faith. Beginning with solitary practices involving meditation, breathing and movement, we will eventually move into partner and group work utilizing relaxation to creatively engage with conflict both within ourselves and in our immediate environment. Participants will finish this intensive with an expanded sense of the role and potential of body practice in contemplative transformation, and practical methods to improve their physical health and body awareness.

People of all spiritual traditions (or none) are welcome. The only prerequisite is some experience with silent prayer or meditation. For information, see attached flyer.

Mark Kutolowski is an Oblate of Saint Benedict, a Centering Prayer teacher (through Contemplative Outreach) and practitioner with twenty years of daily practice, and an instructor of the Russian martial art Systema. Mark and his wife Lisa live and facilitate programs at Metanoia of Vermont Homestead and School of Christian Transformation. Mark will be joined by guides Kerstin Lipke and Laura Ruth.

For more information and to register contact: Kerstin Lipke.