One Day Workshop in Illinois with Cynthia Bourgeault

Nov 4, 2018

Please note: the date has been changed from November 3 to November 4.

This day-long conference with Cynthia Bourgeault will explore Christian Wisdom as Prophecy: An ongoing conversation between Centering Prayer, the Welcoming Prayer and the Wisdom tradition. We will explore wisdom work as a “training program” that helps a person achieve and maintain the attitude Thomas Keating calls “welcoming receptivity” which invites God to proceed with the process of transformation.

The Wisdom tradition as taught by Cynthia references practices learned, developed, and passed down over many centuries that include recognition and utilization of our entire being and not simply rational thought. Wisdom teaches that perception and awareness are unitive experiences, not just thought processes. Centering Prayer is a core element of the Wisdom tradition — it teaches us to release the thinking mind’s dominance over us. Thought will grip on to fear and cling to imagined desiring. The Wisdom tradition offers effective means to help us release our thoughts, so that we can simply rest in the presence of the divine nature dwelling in each of us. Wisdom practices cultivate an openness to presence, gradually enabling deeper levels of contemplation in Centering Prayer. The Wisdom tradition also helps develop deeper awareness and higher levels of being outside of meditation time. During daily activity we engage practices to continually return to the awareness of our whole being, again releasing the dominance of the rational mind. These practices help develop a more constant contemplative approach to life when one isn’t meditating, which is the Wisdom tradition’s link to the Welcoming Prayer.

Sponsored by Contemplative Outreach Chicago

Cost: $75 Aug 1 – Sept 30; $85 after Sept 30

For more information and to register, download this flyer that includes the order form.