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Sep 22 - Nov 24, 2020

Northeast Wisdom Practice Circle – Mystical Hope: Live Zoom Online Book Group


Live Zoom Online Book Group held as a Wisdom Circle

Mystical Hope:
Trusting in the Mercy of God
by Cynthia Bourgeault (2001)

Once a month starting September 2020 ~ through November

“Mystical Hope is not tied to a good outcome, to the future. It lives a life of its own. It has something to do with presence – not a future good outcome, but the immediate experience of being met, held in communion by something intimately at hand. Rather than deriving these gifts from outward expectations being met, it seems to produce [fruit] from within”. (p. 9 – 10).

In our 3-month Tuesday Wisdom book Circle we will intentionally cultivate Wisdom knowing through:

  • Grounding in the Practices of a Wisdom Circle
  • Supportive group discussions facilitated by seasoned Wisdom practitioners centering around readings in Mystical Hope: Trusting in the Mercy of God by Cynthia Bourgeault: 1- 2 chapters a month
  • Mindful attentional practices
  • Meditation
  • Body movements and sacred gesture

This Wisdom Practice book Circle is designed for seekers who want to cultivate a deeper connection with the Wisdom tradition which lies at the headwaters of all sacred paths. As we come together in community, seeking inspiration and practices for our awakening, we will leave with a felt sense of our deepening presence and how we can be of service in the world.

To enroll, email: Marcellak2@aol.com, please indicate whether you prefer the AM or PM group
Dates: Fourth Tuesday of the month: 9/22, 10/27, 11/24
Times:  Either 10:00 – 11:30am ET, OR 7 – 8:30pm EDT (4 – 5:30pm PT)
Book info: https://northeastwisdom.org/books/mystical-hope-trusting-in-the-mercy-of-god/

Contribute: Suggested donation of $30 to Northeast Wisdom, or any amount that is sustainable for you. You may donate to Northeast Wisdom online by following this link, click on the yellow “Donate” button. Please include in the memo line “Mystical Hope”. Thank you.

Platform:  Zoom…so a computer with an eye is needed, along with a free download of zoom. Earbuds are suggested for clarity of hearing.

About Mystical Hope:
“This is a grace-filled book for those how are learning to swim in the deep waters of God’s mercy and love – waters in which we already swim but hardly know it. Cynthia Bourgeault shows us the road to a deep and lasting hope.” – Alan Jones

Sponsored by Northeast Wisdom
“What you dare not hope for, that is what [God] gives you” – Brother Roger of Taize


Dec 10-15, 2020

Ground Luminosity Silent Teaching and Meditation Retreat with Cynthia Bourgeault

Garrison Institute — Garrison, NY

This silent, Centering Prayer-based retreat will prepare practitioners enter more deeply into the Christian season of Advent, that mysterious liturgical “thin place” where light and darkness, birth and death, heaven and earth, apocalyptic rumblings and tender new birth all draw very close together. The mystically attuned heart can approach this cosmic wellspring—or wormhole— and begin to read here “the signs of the times,” drawing from it both the strength and lucidity to live courageously in a world apparently adrift. 

The purpose of this retreat will be to attune our hearts, both individually and collectively. Grounded in the rhythm of the classic Centering Prayer immersion retreat, our time together will include three daily periods of formal meditation, sacred chanting and body prayer, and teaching by Cynthia Bourgeault drawing particularly on Thomas Merton and Rumi, whose respective deaths (on December 10 and December 17) bookend this week and. anchor us in the cosmic heart from which all else flows.

Check in time is 3-6pm; departure after lunch.

Pricing Information

Commuter Rate (no bedroom)
Dorm Room
Double Room
Single Room
Total Fees by Room Choice.

This link will lead you to Garrison Institute’s page for registration.

Sep 24-26, 2021

CONSPIRE 2021 with Cynthia Bourgeault

Albuquerque — Albuquerque, NM

With Richard Rohr, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, and Brian MacLaren.

The capstone conference in a seven-year series on Richard Rohr’s alternative orthodoxy. Discover your place in the emerging contemplative community of people committed to the intentional work of personal transformation, embodied practice, and engaged living.

If you’d like to get registration information when it becomes available, sign up on the CAC site here

For more details, here is the information for Conspire 2021.