Reflections on the “The Knowing Heart” with Matthew Wright

Sep 20, 2020

Join Matthew as he serves as the keynote speaker for the Annual Gathering of the Spiritual Life Center, West Hartford, CT.

Enjoy the evening from 6:15 – 9:30 PM 
Event will be virtual.  Door prizes will be awarded.  

Matthew, Council member of Northeast Wisdom, is a brilliant young man and gifted retreat leader, nurtured in the Christian contemplative Wisdom tradition by Cynthia Bourgeault. He is emerging as a dynamic leader in the world of Christian Contemplative practice. He presides as part-time priest for the St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church in Woodstock, NY, teaches for Northeast Wisdom and the Contemplative Society, and writes frequently for Contemplative Journal. He was present for the New Contemplative Exchange at St. Benedict’s in Snowmass, CO, a group of young leaders in the Contemplative tradition, following in the footsteps of Father Thomas Keating. Matthew’s primary interest is Wisdom: not knowing more, but knowing more deeply and fundamentally by the Way of the Heart. He teaches that the heart is not only the seat of emotions, but the primary organ of spiritual perception, and he works to cultivate this mode of seeing. “I want to reclaim Christianity as a path of transformation and awakening”, says Wright. His contemplative practice informed by the Mevlevi Order of Sufism through the teachings of Camille and Kabir Helminski.

Listen to “Harp from the Heart” selections from the talented Marcie Swift while gathering.

Donations of $30, $50 or $75 for many wonderful door prizes.  

Here is the link to register, or call 860-243-2374 for any questions.