Self-Remembering: A Core Fourth Way Inner Practice–an online course with Bob Sabath

Jan 1 - Apr 1, 2018

You are welcome to join us at any time for this immersion into daily inner practice and Maurice Nicholl’s Commentaries on the Gurdjieffian Fourth Way core practice of Self-Remembering. This opportunity for self directed study and the sharing of experience together in an online group forum continues on the work Bob introduced last year (see Cynthia’s blog post Two Timely Opportunities). The course also serves as its own introduction to Fourth Way work practices and no prior experience is necessary.

With each weekly mailing building upon the last, the Self-Remembering course provides a strong foundation for the daily practices and for the conversation that unfolds in the group. Bob says:

I am starting up a 13-week online class using Maurice Nicoll’s Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Would love to have some of you join me for this. In Love is Stronger than Death, Cynthia recounts her relationship to “Rafe” — Brother Raphael Robin — the hermit monk who so profoundly influenced her life. Cynthia writes:

“Like me, Rafe was fascinated by G. I. Gurdjieff, that early twentieth-century spiritual genius who had laid out a path of inner transformation frequently referred to as the “Fourth Way.” When Rafe finally won permission to join an experimental Trappist community in North Carolina, he bumped into a copy of P.D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. Later, after he arrived in Colorado, someone gave him the five-volume set of Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, which he read from every day, along with his Bible; these became the twin cornerstones of his spiritual work. Most of Rafe’s library up at the hermitage (in addition to his Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare) consisted of books by Gurdjieff and Gurdjieff ‘s three most prodigious disciples, P. D. Ouspensky, Maurice Nicoll, and J. G. Bennett. In a self-taught fusion of Fourth Way ideas and Christian apophatic mysticism, his deepest wish was “to have enough being to be nothing.”

I propose that we create the same study conditions as Rafe’s hermitage — weekly readings from Nicoll’s Commentaries and the Bible (Gospel and Psalms) using the Ecumenical Lectionary, with an added spice of one of Thomas’ Logion.

A few questions have come up about the Fourth Way Wisdom Work eCourse. Here are the answers:

This course is open to all, not just to those in Cynthia’s Wisdom community.
There is a $65 charge for the 13 week class, but if you or others have difficulty with payment at this time, I can set you up with a free account. There will be a weekly email of work material sent out each Sunday night starting January 1 and going through Easter. After the course is over, class material will be available for registered users and an on-demand version of the course will be provided for people who want to use the class material at a later time and work at their own pace. It is possible to join up AFTER January 1. Our discussion forums will be open from January 1 – April 1, Easter. Even though we will be using weekly lectionary Bible passages as part of our work, this class is designed for those from all Wisdom traditions, not just Christian. I will be providing an on-demand self-paced class using the material we worked on last year on self-observation. If you were part of that class, it is still available on Friends of Silence web site.

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