The Consent of Advent — An Invitation To a Virtual Advent Retreat with Bill Redfield

Dec 1-25, 2019

How many years have we traveled on this circle of life, thinking, as we come to December and the season of Advent, that we should be able to get more out of it? How many seasons have we lost ourselves to the busy-ness of the Advent and the pre- Christmas period, only to arrive at Christmas sensing that we’ve just been washed up on a tinseled shore without ever experiencing the deeper waters?

The human collective is in urgent need of a dramatic course correction. This requires nothing short of a radical change in consciousness. Consequently, this will not be your ordinary Advent retreat. We will be encountering more than just the traditional Advent themes that position themselves around Jesus’ birth. We will be using the response of consent to unlock some of the mysteries of this sacred season. But because consent, as I will be suggesting, is applicable to even more than the birth that we celebrate at this time of year—our inquiry will include the consents that are required across the complete continuum of our lives—between our beginnings and our endings.

This is an innovative Wisdom approach to movement through Advent and our preparation for Christmas. Participation in this retreat can be done on one’s own schedule and in one’s own home. While it will provide a certain structure to the duration of Advent—from Sunday, December 1 through Christmas Day, December 25—there is enough variation and flexibility that it shouldn’t preclude anyone’s involvement.

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