Wisdom Way of Knowing: A 5-day Retreat with Marcella Kraybill-Greggo

Jul 23-28, 2017

Join us for a Wisdom Way of Knowing five-day full-length Wisdom School, hosted on the beautiful campus of Moravian Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

7:30–8:00am  Meditation/Chant
8:00–9:00am  “Come and Go” Breakfast (Silent)
9:00–11:00am  Morning Teaching
11:00–11:50pm  Conscious Work
12:00–1:00pm  Lunch
1:00–2:15pm  Private Reflection  (optional spiritual direction available)
2:15–3:30pm  Sacred Movement
3:30–4:00pm  Meditation/Chant
4:15–5:15pm  Gospel of Thomas Group Lectio
5:30–6:30pm  Supper
7:00–8:00pm  “Debriefing the day”
8:00–8:30pm  Gentle movement
9:00–Overnight  Private reflection/Rest in the Great Silence

In addition to the teachings offered by the Seminary’s Wisdom team, the retreat will include select videos of Cynthia Bourgeault that were filmed at an Introductory Wisdom School. Through the power of technology and Moravian Seminary’s large screen, participants will receive Cynthia’s luminous teaching and transmission. For more information, retreat details and to apply for the Wisdom School, please go to the Moravian Seminary site.

The leader, Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, is on the board of Northeast Wisdom. Cynthia has this to say about Marcella, “Marcella has worked with me extensively over the past five years (including leadership training) and is a dynamic and profound presence in our Wisdom network, already forging some amazing teaching pathways at Moravian.” For additional background and reading about Marcella, check out: Seedlings.