Wisdom Meditation-Ongoing

Mar 18 - Apr 10, 2020

Please note! New dates have been added. For the updated list of Wisdom Meditation zoom links from Monday March 30~Monday April 10 please go to the bottom of this post.

There has been an arising among many of us in our Wisdom collective…to FIND A WAY to gather virtually, during this time. This crisis offers us the opportunity to gather prayers and intentions from all around the world. Our technical ability to CONNECT ACROSS THE GLOBE has ‘prepared us well’ for such a moment as this and RISES TO MEET US as we engage in NEW ways of CONNECTING as a Wisdom community.

To that end….

We will be offering a 30 minute collective Wisdom Pause “for Silence and Stillness” on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks. These PAUSES (Virtual Wisdom Practice Opportunities) will be offered twice a day at 10:30am EDT (7:30 am PDT) and 7pm EDT (4:00pm PDT), on M/W/F.

Wisdom members of our collective will be leading each sit, with a time for chant, and meditation/stillness in each Zoom gathering. If you have never worked with zoom before, all you need to do is download the free ZOOM App, and then CLICK on the highlighted ZOOM address below, during the scheduled time of each gathering.

Below are the zoom links:

Monday, March 30
For Monday morning 3/30 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PDT):  https://zoom.us/j/851090577 (Elizabeth Combs)
For Monday evening 3/30 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT): https://zoom.us/j/319339659 (Marcella Kraybill-Greggo & Kristy Christian) 

Wedesday, April 1
For Wednesday morning, 4/1 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PD): https://zoom.us/j/5966633034 (Susan Cooper and Susan Latimer)
For Wednesday evening 4/1 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT): https://zoom.us/j/378209263?pwd=dGlLendlT1hCd1FGWkhZelBqbm9jdz09 (Bill Redfield)

Friday, April 3
For Friday morning 4/3 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PDT): https://zoom.us/j/745486161 (Heather Ruce)
For Friday evening 4/3 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT):  https://zoom.us/j/841585893?pwd=L1dYcFBObVV2eXduRGNWRW9yaHZnUT09 (Bill Redfield)

Monday, April 6
For Monday morning 4/6 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PDT): https://zoom.us/j/989902185 (Elizabeth Combs)
For Monday evening 4/6 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT): https://zoom.us/j/319339659 (Marcella Kraybill-Greggo & Kristy Christian)

Wednesday, April 8
For Wednesday morning, 4/8 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PDT):  https://zoom.us/j/164022990 (Lisa Persons)
For Wednesday evening 4/8 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT): https://zoom.us/j/5966633034 (Susan Cooper)

Friday, April 10 (Holy Friday)
For Friday morning 4/10 at 10:30am EDT (7:30am PDT):  https://zoom.us/j/683096266?pwd=ZVVONFlIbVZ0eHg4ZUNDYm9aNGJPQT09 (Jeanine Siler Jones)
For Friday evening 4/10 at 7:00pm EDT (4pm PDT): https://zoom.us/j/759705038?pwd=TU1rUWV4WmFXaGpOUDNYSXk4ZEdidz09 (Bill Redfield)

STAYING CONNECTED is part of our health as well as our OFFERING for our world!

Much love, health and light to all,