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“How, Then, Shall We Live?” A Virtual Program by Bill Redfield

So much in our Wisdom work is finding a deeper understanding and appreciation of how things are. What usually is not quite so directly considered, however, is how we shall live. While this implies a mode of being and awareness, it also suggests a sense of agency.

With a weekly recording, weekly scheduled Zoom groups, and suggested spiritual practices—this program will run through the liturgical seasons of Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. Seeking to assist us to integrate deeper Wisdom understandings, it will address these mutually influencing questions—how we might live, how we might die, and how we might be transformed. Bill will be posting one recording a week (posted each Sunday) with two optional Friday Zoom gatherings each week. (During Holy Week, there will be one recording each day.) Despite the schedule, though, you are welcome to move through the program at your own speed. Here’s the link to more information.