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POSTPONED — “Chanting in the Heart of Sophia” workshop/retreat.

Hey, all, can I tempt a few more souls out there in the Wisdom network to sign up for a unique and wonderful teaching retreat coming up on September 17-20 at Hallelujah Farm?

This Wisdom workshop/retreat, called “Chanting in the Heart of Sophia,” is the labor of love of senior Wisdom student Laura Ruth and will reunite some of the “old gang” from our Bluestone Farm days as participants gather together under the leadership of Matthew Wright and Sister Helena Marie to explore the wonderful wisdom world of Gregorian Chant and Marian devotion. Click here for the details.

I will be on a pilgrimage (in Uzbekistan!) September 13-24, so I won’t be able to personally attend the retreat. But I want to encourage others in the network to do so, both for the beauty of the topic being explored and for the initiative of Laura, Matthew, and Sr. Helena Marie in putting this opportunity together. ~ Cynthia