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Read About a Wisdom Circle Experiment: Collective, Collaborative and Concurrent

This spring a collective of three Wisdom teachers, Marcella Kraybill-Greggo, Jeanine Siler Jones and Heather Ruce, completed an eight month series of Wisdom Circles in their respective communities. They coordinated and supported one another as a group, working through the steps together from planning to de-briefing, as the cycle unfolded. The interesting thing about this collaboration was that it took place long distance, with the three women holding their posts in their groups on the same day in the northeast, the southeast and on the west coast; the groups working in concert in both time and content. Together, the three have written this piece for Breaking Ground, speaking to their commitment, how it yielded unexpected fruit, and evoked deep noticing. Thank you Marcella, Jeanine and Heather! Stay tuned to Breaking Ground for further conversation about their process. Read more