Wisdom Resources

Audio resources:

The Contemplative Society encourages a deepening of contemplative prayer and has a calendar of Cynthia events, local practice and study groups, contemplative practices and resource page as well as an online audio and book store. They also offer Wisdom events, and in cooperation with other similar organizations, promote and support the contemplative Wisdom path with instructional and inspirational materials. The Contemplative Society, Cynthia’s flagship Wisdom School in Victoria, BC, maintains an extensive collection of audio recordings for sale; over 30 retreats and events, primarily of Cynthia’s teachings, in both CD and MP3 formats.

Friends of Silence is a website dedicated to reverencing silence, prayer, contemplation, the Divine Guest, and the Oneness of all creation as well as to encourage the life-giving empowerment that derives from the Silence. A variety of audio files are available from the Friends of Silence who have recorded their events with Cynthia Bourgeault. Follow this link: www.http://www.friendsofsilence.net/.

Wisdom Way of Knowing provides a wide selection of audio resources on their website. Follow this link: https://wisdomwayofknowing.org/. For Video Resources, see below.

Video resources:

The Wisdom Way of Knowing website is the “go to” website for a collection of wisdom resource materials including video, audio, and written formats, online courses, and original video footage of Cynthia’s teachings. It serves as the master archive portal to access Cynthia’s teachings and resources across the web. The site also facilitates online conversations among wisdom groups using a variety of computer formats. Site director Robbin Whittington is available for personal consultation to help set up these virtual practice circles.

This is the link to the Wisdom Way of Knowing Key Offerings page, where you will find a complete list of Cynthia’s current offerings, including books, audio teachings, online courses, and video and audio presentations and interviews available on the web.

Here’s the link to The Wisdom Way of Knowing website wonderful Resource of Videos with Cynthia, interviews and presentations.

All Resources By Category on this comprehensive website include selections under the headings of Communities of Practice, Cynthia Bourgeault, What is Wisdom, Wisdom Essentials, and Wisdom Schools. Check it out!

Wisdom Way of Knowing is producing and promoting the Introductory Wisdom School eCourse, launching October 2017, as well as hosting a mega Wisdom School, Part B, at Kanuga, in NC, in March 2018. To read more about Wisdom Way of Knowing please visit the Core Vision and Focus page.


Chant resources:

Darlene Franz composes chants and facilitates mindful singing workshops throughout the US and Canada. Her work with groups cultivates the expansion of embodied attention and presence. Through active and meditative practices based in sacred mantric interspiritual chant, singers and “non-singers” can discover grounded, centered, whole awareness while singing. She is often present at Wisdom Schools, leading both chanting and conscious practical work. Recordings of Darlene Franz (voice and harmonium) singing some of the music used at Wisdom Schools, is available for listening or download. Follow this link: wisdomchant.bandcamp.com.

Paulette Meier is a singer/songwriter, whose strong alto voice has stirred hearts and opened minds for over 30 years in the pursuit of a peaceful, just and sustainable world. An active Quaker, Paulette was moved to set quotations from texts of early Quaker leaders to song and record them in chant-like, a cappella style. The resulting CD, Timeless Quaker Wisdom in Plainsong, serves both as an educative tool in the roots of Quaker spirituality and as a meditative focus in spiritual practice. Her chants are used in Wisdom Schools and gatherings, as well as for personal practice. After introducing her chants in several Wisdom Schools with Cynthia, Paulette has created a second album: Wellsprings of Life: Quaker Wisdom in Chant which is available now for you to listen, download, and order a cd. This recording includes Wisdom practitioners Nick Weiland on double bass and Andrew Breitenberg on piano, and was an inspiration arising during Cynthia, Marcelle Martin and Paulette’s second retreat together at Pendle Hill. Northeast Wisdom joined the enthusiasm with a commitment to supporting the project coming to fruition and many of our readers contributed to this effort. Read about this second album in New Arising Index: Recording Quaker Chants with Paulette Meier and in the April 2020 download release post Wellsprings of Life here.